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An Integrative Approach to Massage Therapy

Imagine massage therapy as a mind-body approach to restoring your health. 

Imagine creating safety, resilience and ease in your body and in your life.


I offer a unique integration of massage therapy, body-mind facilitation, and reiki (energy healing). My practice is trauma-informed and I care for your whole self – body, mind, and spirit – so that you can heal your life.

Embodying Resilience


Real wisdom comes from the body.

After more than 15 years in the field of holistic health, I have worked with hundreds of people in facilitating resolution in the body. I've created a process of facilitating embodiment - allowing you to listen to and connect with your innate body's wisdom. This work is fundamental in providing a framework to navigate your inner terrain, safely and with ease.

This body-wise process integrates:

  • Mindful and compassionate practices of body listening

  • Energy awareness and balancing

  • Focused, specific deep tissue, neuro-muscular and relaxing massage techniques

Consider partnering with me on your path of health.
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How does an engineer become a healer? Well, here’s the journey.


It seems like a lifetime ago when I was working in a busy manufacturing plant, focused on efficiency and troubleshooting. Ironically, my heart actually sank every time I got promoted. Couldn’t my managers see that I wanted them to author my escape? It was agony for me to go to work each day. I was in my 20’s and at a crossroads - I had no idea how to make a change without any framework to guide me ahead. But, I did move forward. In truth, that was the beginning of my awakening to my inner guidance.


I made a choice. I chose happiness over certainty. And that choice changed my life.


The path that I have since chosen is one of inner guidance. My commitment to trust and follow my inner wisdom has never failed me. Certainty for me now is a clear inner pull or calling, an excitement that offers a sense of expansion, a deep peace.


My shifting, internal currents led me to learn and practice adult education, psychotherapy, reiki, massage therapy, and shamanism. To say I’m a lifelong learner is a major understatement. I love learning, growing and expanding who I am and how I serve. For me, life is an ongoing journey of self-attunement, choice, and transformation.


I know what it’s like to face the struggle of moving past stuckness, pain and limitation. For over 15 years, I have been intuitively helping clients to make meaningful transformations in their lives. For some people, chronic pain can manifest when unexpressed emotions are trapped in the body. By working with the whole self - body, mind and emotions, I help clients uncover the root of their pain, while connecting to a place of deep knowing within. My practice is a unique integration of massage therapy, reiki and body-mind facilitation.


My sincere desire and heartfelt work is to guide clients to move past their pain and limitations and to create resilience and ease in their bodies. If chronic pain and limitation are holding you back, I would be honoured to support you in re-inhabiting your body and facilitating resolution.

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